‘Don’t play what’s there,
play what’s not there’

Miles Davis

We are your strategic partner in
large scale change processes

What got you here, won’t get you there. Between the future you envision and the reality of where you are now, things can get turbulent. Change is always about people, we all know that. But the thing about people is that they are so darn peoply. We build cultures that people want to contribute to, and know how to work with seemingly incompatible differences. And when things feel utterly stuck, we know how to get them moving by making complexity work for and not against us.  We want to arm you with fresh, new thinking. Of course BOTZ designs, facilitates, and manages change processes, but always with a bigger purpose. We will stretch your thinking and your vision. And if you let us, we will be your dreaming partner.

We coach you or your team
in Centered Leadership

Conflict is always the issue, either because of how it plays out or how it is suppressed. And change inevitably brings about uncertainty and conflict. So, the question is not whether to deal with conflict, but how to invite and embrace it. Easy to say, but so much harder to do in practice. Centring is a key skill for business leaders and teams to stay focused during challenging situations. It allows you to deal with conflicts and crises, based on a clear mind and conscious decisions on how to act next. If you are ready to invite conflict in, we are here to guide you and your team.

We offer XL Facilitation

The more complex the problem, the larger the group impacted, the more we are ready to roll. We love to make the complex understandable and the way forward clear. Besides facilitating multi-stakeholder sessions, we have also trained hundreds of facilitators in over 20 countries, including building internal change teams. Our working area varies widely, from inside corporations in Europe and North America to coffee fields in Brazil and from factory floors in Asia to fishing villages in Ghana.

We help you see patterns with OASIS
our impact monitoring system

Oasis, our digital Monitoring & Evaluation Platform, is the BOTZ answer to doing impact measuring in a complex system. It is a multi-functional tool that helps us monitor, evaluate, and learn from what we are doing. Collecting large volumes of stories about people’s real-life experiences gives us an opportunity to see patterns that might otherwise remain unnoticed. Unlike most monitoring and evaluation tools it doesn’t provide us with answers. Instead, it allows us to ask better questions and design our next wise actions to shift patterns.

We are experts at working with stories

Storytelling lies at the core of our work. Stories are how we make sense of the world and get the chance to learn from different perspectives. We use the art and science of storytelling to connect, bridge and resolve conflict. And we have worked with stories and participatory narrative inquiry for sensemaking, strategy and impact measurement.

We support you with our BOTZ Academy

Whether you or your team want to learn more about conflict resolution, working in complexity, Deep Democracy, Working with Stories, Appreciative Inquiry, or Human System Dynamics: we bring the relevant expertise. The BOTZ Academy is an integral part of our partnership.

© 2022 Bring on the Zoo. All rights reserved

© 2022 Bring on the Zoo. All rights reserved