Act on Living Wages

The Rana Plaza disaster in 2013 was the catalyst for a series of round table meetings of international retailers and IndustriALL Global Union. BOTZ was the lead facilitator of this project, right up until its transition after two years into ACT, a ground-breaking agreement between trade unions and global brands to transform the garment, footwear and textile industry and achieve living wages for workers. 

Our Approach

Although the need for change was felt by all parties involved, going from competition to collaboration was a journey into the unknown. Our expertise in group dynamics helped us to create a space in which everyone felt compelled to move forward together.  

The Impact

ACT is a ground-breaking agreement between 19 global brands and retailers and trade unions. It is the first global commitment on living wages in the sector that provides a framework through which all relevant actors - including brands and retailers, trade unions, manufacturers, and governments -can exercise their responsibility and role in achieving living wages. 

© 2022 Bring on the Zoo. All rights reserved

© 2022 Bring on the Zoo. All rights reserved