The WE Program

Tchibo’s WE Program is a dialogue-based program, aimed at enhancing human rights in their supply chain. It had run a successful pilot phase but suffered while scaling from 40 to 400 factories. BOTZ partnered with Tchibo’s CSR-department to strengthen the program’s fundamentals, ensure its innovative nature and help it to the next level.

Our Approach

The complexity of global supply chains makes it impossible to simply plan, do and act. There are too many actors and factors at play. Just think of COVID and the pressure it placed on human rights. We realised we needed to build a system that was capable of growing through change and even chaos. This is why we decided to focus on small, adaptive actions. Our approach is to constantly experiment on a small scale to see what is shifting and evolve our way forwards. And to involve the whole system, including the parts others don’t think are relevant enough.

The Impact

Over the past five years BOTZ has set up self-sustaining facilitation teams in countries where the program runs and built a worldwide learning community. We have shifted the dynamics in factories from debate to dialogue, from focusing on problems to focusing on solutions and from traditional management to ownership and co-creation. Additionally, we have built an innovative impact measurement system called OASIS.

© 2022 Bring on the Zoo. All rights reserved

© 2022 Bring on the Zoo. All rights reserved